How to check your Apple Watch shipment status via UPS

Apple Watch My Choice

I just stumbled upon some great news: my Apple Watch will be here Friday. I was able to verify this via the UPS My Choice website. If you’re already a My Choice member, log in here, and if your watch has shipped, you should see your Apple Watch shipment on a calendar with the scheduled date of arrival. My watch is scheduled to arrive on Friday, April 24th, between 2:15 PM and 6:15 PM.

UPS Apple Watch My Choice

What can we glean from this info? Well it appears that Apple already has Apple Watches located at regional distribution centers. We can also gather the exact tracking number from the USP My Choice website as well.

The nice thing about UPS My Choice is that any delivery scheduled to arrive at your mailing address will automatically show up, no need to add a tracking number. UPS My Choice is a free service, thought it may take some time to complete the registration. UPS does have a paid tier available with some extra perks, like refined shipment windows.

It’s almost here folks. The Apple Watch is on the way, and I know the exact time (within a 4 hour window) when mine is scheduled to arrive.

When is yours due to touch down?