MaterialOne for Vex: a new Android Lollipop-inspired theme for iOS


Vex—the tweak that allows you to apply custom themes to both Notification Center and Control Center—features several built-in options that look great. But none of the built-in themes look as good as MaterialOne.

MaterialOne for Vex is a new third-party theme that’s available free of charge on the MacCiti repo. It allows you to apply an Android 5.0-inspired look to both Control Center and Notification Center. Watch our video and see how.

MaterialOne relied on both Vex and WinterBoard for its theming platform needs. Once installed, you’ll need to enable the theme in WinterBoard and in Vex separately. After respringing, you should see the newly themed Control Center and Notification Centers.

MaterialOne brings Google’s well-received Material design visual language to iOS. Google describes the language as being bold, graphic, and intentional; where motion provides meaning. I don’t necessarily think we get all of that from MaterialOne, but there is definitely a stark design difference that’s brought to the fore by this theme.

Google has made some valiant strides as of late in the area of design, and I think this new theme does a good job of portraying that on iOS.

What do you think? MaterialOne for Vex is available right now free of charge on the MacCiti repo. Vex, which is a prerequisite tweak, is a $0.99 jailbreak tweak. Sound off down below with your comments.