Beep Beep: modify what happens when you plug in your iPhone

Beep Beep

Would you like an easy way to modify the vibration, charging sound, and screen power on when plugging in your iPhone to a power source? If so, then Beep Beep will allow you to do just that.

Although the sound and vibration exists to provide you with confirmation that the iPhone is indeed properly  connected to a power source, it can be annoying depending on your circumstances. In this video walkthrough, we’ll show you how to manage the charging confirmations using Beep Beep.

After you install Beep Beep, you’ll need to open Settings and go to the tweak’s preferences. There, you’ll find several switches for managing things like charging sound, vibration, and screen turn on.

Here’s a scenario for you: What if you had to work late, and your family is asleep? When you plug your iPhone in for the night before bed, you could wake your family by the loud charging sound, the vibration motor, or even the screen brightness. Beep Beep will let you disable, one, two or all three of these charging indicators.

In previous version of the tweak, Beep Beep came bundled with additional charging sounds that you could use to customize your iPhone. Unfortunately, many of those sounds were copyrighted, and had to be removed. Thus, in the version I reviewed, Beep Beep doesn’t have the ability to use custom sounds. In a future version of Beep Beep, the developer plans to add the ability for users to add their own custom charging sounds.

Beep Beep is available free of charge from the BigBoss repo. If you try it, be sure to sound off in the comments with your thoughts on the tweak.