Analyst estimates 2.3M Apple Watch pre-orders, Taptic Engine and OLED display causing delays

Apple Watch pre-orders

Noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a respectable track record when reporting on Apple, released a note estimating Apple Watch pre-orders to be in excess of 2.3 million units, with a breakdown of Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and Apple Watch Edition each taking 85%, 15%, and less than 1% respectively.

Kuo says Apple is set to ramp up supply chains for the Apple Watch to reach 2 – 3 million units per month, but such a goal may be difficult to acquire due to production constraints surrounding the vibration mechanism Apple calls the Taptic Engine, as well as the AMOLED displays used in Apple’s wearable.

The issues surrounding production of these items involve the confined space in which the Taptic Engine must reside and the color quality and lifespan of the display. Without these hindrances, Kuo estimates that Apple could produce 2.5 million units in June.

Apple has yet to release official numbers surrounding Apple Watch pre-orders, so this data is an educated estimation at this point. Apple did, however, sell out of the Apple Watch in the first six hours of pre-orders being available online, with current shipping dates tentatively reaching into June.

Source: MacRumors