Crowntakers brings tabletop RPGing to the iPad

Crowntaker 3

There are plenty of dungeon crawl style role-playing games (RPG) in the App Store. Many of them are worthy of many hours of your time. Most of them follow a video game format of rules and alter the role-playing element of such tabletop classics as Dungeons and Dragons.

Crowntakers takes into account the little elements, like time passing or attacks of opportunity. In this adventure, every minute counts and every day brings more danger.

Crowntaker 2

Players embark on a wild adventure as a young hero sent to rescue the realm’s abducted king. Explore every cave, castle, and cranny to find useful items, recruit mercenaries to your cause, and defeat the evil that has infested the land.

Just like traditional RPGs, players search inside specific locations for lootable items to pick up and bad guys to fight. Every time you proceed through an event, time passes. For example, if you search a cave for items, you can choose to search for only two hours, or put your back into it for nine hours.

After a full 24-hour cycle, enemies get stronger. So, if you haven’t done a whole lot to raise your experience level, protect yourself with armor, or hire a mercenary to team up with you, chances are, after just a few days, you’ll be in hot water.

Crowntaker 1

The worlds are randomly generated. So, each time you enter a new environment, it will be different. You might fight two monsters in the dungeon one time, and fight four another. There are four different environment settings that change with each new game, including an icy tundra and stony castle.

Player also visit the local blacksmith and town inn for rest, libations, and upgrades. Use the items you’ve found on your journey to help you increase experience points, upgrade armor and weapons, or sell for easy cash.

The game is rogue-like, meaning perma death. When you die, you lose everything you’ve collected and must start over. So, it would be wise to strengthen your hero and build your team quickly so that you don’t lose all of those potions and weapons.

Crowntakers is available on the iPad for $4.99. Download it in the App Store today.

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