Touch ID for App Store purchases stops working for many after updating to iOS 8.3

Touch ID Setup

A growing number of users are complaining about the inability to use Touch ID fingerprint scanning to authorize purchases in the App Store after updating to iOS 8.3.

As reported on Twitter, Reddit and detailed in a thread on Apple’s Support Communities forums, iOS 8.3 appears to be asking for an Apple ID password for each and every purchase made in the App Store.

This is regardless of whether or not the option to use Touch ID in the App Store is enabled in Settings. What gives?

The issue seems to be pretty widespread and not dependent upon your carrier, update method (OTA or iTunes) or the model of your Touch ID-enabled device.

I myself was able to reproduce it on my iPhone 6 Plus. It seems to be a bug that affects only iPhones and iPads outfitted with Touch ID and running iOS 8.3.

German blogs (Google Translate) and (Google Translate) also reported this hiccup earlier this morning.

Turning off Touch ID for App Store purchases in Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and re-enabling the feature does not solve the problem.

It’s unknown whether this is in any way related to a new feature in iOS 8.3 that lets you download free content from the iTunes Store, iBooks Store and App Store without having to enter your Apple ID password.

iOS 8.3 Beta iTunes and App Store Password settings

For what it’s worth, disabling Touch ID for App Store purchases, then telling iOS to ask for your Apple ID  password for each purchase and turning Touch ID back on still shows the incorrect behavior — that is, you’re still asked for a password instead of the Touch ID for App Store purchases each time.

It’s clearly a bug that should be fixed in iOS 8.3.1.

Are you suffering from this issue after updating to iOS 8.3, too? If so, do share your experience and any possible remedy with fellow readers down in the comments.

Source: Twitter, RedditApple Support Communities