i-Blason UnityPower for iPhone 6 charges while protecting

i-Blason UnityPower iPhone 6 case

One thing I always have to remember when heading out for a day trip is to bring an external battery pack. I take a lot of pictures and videos, which always negatively affects the length of time my battery lasts.

The i-Blason UnityPower is a case that houses an external battery, so you can always have an extra charge with you, wherever you go. It is also MFi certified, so it is guaranteed to work with your iPhone 6, even after software updates.

The two-piece case is made from durable polycarbonate with a rubberized anti-slip coating. It is ultra slim so, even though it adds significant bulk to your iPhone 6, it is still slimmer than the average external battery case.

The case is designed to fit snuggly around your iPhone 6 and has holes to expose the camera, volume controls, and mute switch. It comes with a three-quarter inch jack port so you can plug in your headphones. There are small vents at the bottom of the case so the speakers will push audio out front, which is nice, since the iPhone 6 speakers are at the bottom of the device.

The 3,200 mAh battery charges your iPhone from dead to full while you are on the go. It is powerful enough to charge beyond 100 percent of your iPhone 6 battery.

The case features an LED indicator light. Press the button to see how much of a charge the case has remaining.

It also includes a charging on/off button. Press and hold the charge button for three seconds to start a charge on your iPhone. Press and hold it again to stop the charge. This feature is excellent for providing a power boost after your iPhone’s battery is starting to die while keeping the case’s charge from expiring too soon.

The iPhone charges via an MFi certified Lightning connector. The case itself includes a micro USB charging cable. You can connect the case to your computer for simultaneous charging and syncing of your iPhone 6.

The i-Blason UnityPower is available from Amazon for $60 in black and gray or $70 in black and gold. There is also a version for the iPhone 6 Plus in black and gray for $70 or black and gold for $80.

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