Apple Watch: a look at the animated Activity app achievement badges

Apple Watch Activity Badges

A few weeks ago, we brought you details on many of the achievement badges from the Apple Watch activity app. We also showed you how to access the Activity app for yourself. Today, we bring you a look at many of these same badges, but this time, you get to see what the badges look like when they’re unlocked and in full color.

Prior to unlocking these achievements, the badges are presented in a monochrome flat view. Being presented with a 3D badge in full color really makes it seem as if an accomplishment has been made.

Achievements 3

Considering some of these badges will take many months, or even years to earn, I think that the effort put into designing the fully unlocked badges was worth it. What do you think?

As a bonus, here is another video showcasing the Apple Watch pairing process for the Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Gold, and Rose Gold Apple Watches. We previously brought you a look at these pairing animations, but this time they’re mated with their respective watch for added context.

Special thanks to @alixrezax for his help with this.