Check out Apple Watch pairing animations

Apple Watch Start Pairing

Earlier this morning, we told you about a unique certificate of authenticity that appears when first pairing your Watch to your iPhone in iOS 8.2’s stock Apple Watch companion app and now we have our first look at the full pairing animations for the different Watch models.

Thanks to our Tehran, Iran-based tipster who blogs about technology at and develops iOS applications, we now have a pretty good idea how pairing a Watch to your iPhone looks like in person.

The animations were rendered using Apple’s iOS Simulator app. He even changed code strings in the companion Apple Watch iPhone app in order to capture the subtly different pairing animations for the stainless steel, aluminum and gold Watch models.

Check them out in the video below.

Again, the animation appears in the Apple Watch iOS app after you successfully pair your Apple Watch to an iPhone, depending on your specific model, case and size.

For those wondering, the pairing process can be done manually or by simply holding the device face up to your iPhone’s rear-facing iSight camera. As a nice touch, the Apple Watch app even greats you differently depending on the time of day — all in the name of horology and timekeeping!

Jeff has more on the pairing process and the Apple Watch companion app itself.

What do you guys think, cool or not?

Source: Twitter