Giphy for Messenger brings the world’s largest GIF library to Facebook Messenger

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GIFs are those wonderful little presents that you find online everyday to make you smile. Whenever someone sends me a GIF, it always brightens my day, usually because it involves cats doing something nefarious (or falling off of something).

Giphy for Messenger is a third-party Facebook Messenger app that lets you post all kinds of GIFs to your friends. Express any type of emotion to your girlfriend, RickRoll your buddy, and send me pictures of cats being evil.

The app is filled with GIFs from all across the web. The Home page features a wide variety of recent and popular uploads from Reddit, Tumblr, and other websites where GIFs roam free. Each one includes a handful of hashtags, which provides you with a huge list of related GIFs. For example, a “#gameofthrones” and “#thumbsup” GIF will present you with hundreds of other thumbs up animations, as well as some melancholy glances from Game of Thrones.

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Under the Reactions section, you can browse GIFs by specific categories, like “Eye Roll” and “Meh.” Each category has dozens, if not hundreds of reactions to choose from.

In the Explore section, you can narrow down your interests to such things as stickers, actions, emotions, memes, TV, movies, music, and animals. Within each section are further categories. For example, under the Memes section, you will find familiar GIFs for Nyan Cat, RickRoll, Fail, and more. Under each category, you will discover a smorgasbord of funny GIFs.

When viewing thumbnails, the GIFs are sped up so they seem super short. However, when you select one, it will fully load and you can see what the recipient will see.

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Once you’ve found a GIF that you think will brighten someone’s day, tap the Send button and pick the recipient from your list of Facebook contacts. Hilarity will ensue.

Giphy for Messenger is free. You can either download it in the App Store or find it inside the Facebook Messenger app under the More tab.