Apple and IBM roll out eight new apps, bringing MobileFirst for iOS portfolio to 22 apps

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Apple and IBM have once again expanded upon their portfolio of MobileFirst for iOS native apps specifically targeted at businesses and enterprise, as born out of their exclusive enterprise mobility partnership established in the summer of 2014.

A total of eight new apps have been unveiled, as revealed on Apple’s MobileFirst webpage, covering the healthcare and industrial products segments with new software like Ancillary Sale, Hospital Lead and Hospital Tech.

Hospital Lead

Hospital Lead for iPad is designed for nurses and offers a dashboard of employee delegating tools, making it easier for hospitals to manage floor nurses and staff.

IBM Apple MobileFirst HospitalLead iPad screenshot 001

The app includes push notifications which deliver escalated tasks efficiently while prioritized task lists allow issues to be reported, delayed, delegated or marked complete. The app collates multiple internal databases under a single unified view.

Hospital Tech

Hospital Tech for iPhone taps into a hospital’s record system to keep nurses closely connected to their care teams, so patient tasks are handled quickly and safely.

IBM Apple MobileFirst Hospital Tech iPhone screenshot 001

The app provides a real-time view of lab status, safety alerts, patient requests and delegated tasks. Patient data is displayed in an elegant user interface, which Apple says helps provide “a whole new level of care to the patient.”

Hospital RN

Hospital RN for iPhone frees staff nurses from multiple pagers and phones by tapping iBeacon technology to let them access a patient’s record from anywhere in the hospital. iBeacon transmitters locate patients, with push notifications providing access to patient requests, lab status, safety alerts and prioritized task lists for immediate disposition.

IBM Apple MobileFirst HospitalRN iPhone screenshot 001

Home RN

Home RN for iPhone was designed for at-home caregivers to help them manage patient records and share information between team members. Nurses can easily add photos, videos, text and audio notes to the patient’s record.

IBM Apple MobileFirst HomeRN iPhone screenshot 001

With push notifications and location services, Home RN makes it easy to share progress, find patients’ homes and nearby pharmacies, urgent care centers, labs and other points of interest. And by cutting down significantly on the paperwork, the app establishes a more efficient remote care process fully optimized for mobile workflow.

Other new apps include Ancillary Sale for travel and transpiration markets, as well as apps for the industrial products field, retail and insurance industries.

Today’s expansion follows the inaugural lineup of MobileFirst for iOS enterprise apps for the iPhone and iPad, and an additional three applications introduced last month.

With today’s expansion, Apple and IBM now have a total of twenty-two MobileFirst iOS apps in their portfolio covering ten industry verticals such as banking, healthcare, insurance, retail, law enforcement, travel and more.

Source: Apple