Apple also bought UK data analytics company Acunu


Bloomberg is shedding more light on Apple’s recent acquisition of database firm FoundationDB, with a report Thursday revealing that the iPhone maker had secretly snapped up U.K.-based data analytics company Acunu, presumably to help bolster its iCloud and web services.

The transaction for an undisclosed sum occurred in late 2013. Together, the Acunu and FoundationDB acquisitions inject some fresh blood into Apple to help bulk up the company’s data and cloud-computing capabilities.

The FoundationDB purchase “follows a deal” for closely held Acunu Ltd., a U.K.-based data analysis company, Apple said.

A LinkedIn profile of Acunu’s Chief Technology Officer Tim Moreton reveals he started working as a manager for Apple’s iCloud division back in December 2013. By early-2014, most of former Acunu employees started working at Apple.

Acunu provides database analytics solutions that work with and improve other tools. It’s compatible with the free Cassandra database, which Apple runs “on several thousand computers.”

The report cautions that it’s not clear whether Acunu’s technology can be integrated with FoundationDB’s solutions.

Pictured top of post: endless stacks of computers inside Apple’s massive iCloud data center in Maiden, North Carolina.

Source: Bloomberg