JOTO is a solid tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 6

JOTO Screen Protector

Screen protection is a varied subject. Some iPhone owners will argue that the screen is tough enough to withstand all manner of abuse without leaving behind a scratch. Others believe that, not even a single fingerprint should ever touch the ion-strengthened touch screen.

JOTO is a screen protector made from tempered glass to satisfy those in the latter camp. If you are going to cover your screen with something, why not make it the strongest protector on the market.

The JOTO is a thin, clear screen protector made out of tempered glass with HD transparency. It sports a 9H hardness surface for extra protection against shatters. It is only 0.33mm thick, so it won’t add any noticeable dimensions to your iPhone 6.

The Oleophobic coated tempered glass is scratch-resistant, shock-resistant, and resists fingerprints and skin oil.

The screen protector includes an alcohol wipe to clean your iPhone screen without leaving behind any wetness. It also includes a small microfiber cloth so you can buff out those fingerprint smudges and an adhesive strip to remove dust particles before applying the protector.

Because of the JOTO’s design, it is easily applied and does not leave behind air bubbles the way other screen protectors tend to do.

Since it is made from tempered glass, the screen protector has a smooth, natural feel to it that makes it easy to forget it is even on your iPhone.

There are three different models of JOTO screen protectors. The clear model costs $9.95 on Amazon. This version is intentionally slightly smaller than the iPhone 6 screen for better application.

There is also a bezel cover version for $12.99 on Amazon. This edge-to-edge model covers the entire screen and has a frame that is the same dimensions as the iPhone 6 bezel. It comes in black or white. There is also a version for the iPhone 6 Plus for the same price.

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