Spigen’s Air Skin Soft is an ultrathin case for iPhone 6

Spigen Air Soft Clear Ultra Thin iPhone 6 case

Now that the iPhone screen size is so much larger, a thick case is out of the question for most people. Protecting your iPhone 6 while maintaining the slim feel is not that easy, considering even a quarter of an inch makes a huge difference.

Spigen’s Air Skin Soft Clear case is thin enough to cover your case with the thickness of a piece of cloth, so the added coat is practically unnoticeable.

The case is made from polycarbonate with a urethane coating, which helps prevent yellowing and discoloration. It is form fitted specifically for the iPhone 6 and weighs only three ounces. Spigen claims it is the thinnest, lightest case on the market.

It only comes in clear, which is a semi-transparent frost. It is rigid, but like the name suggests, soft to the touch.

It features cut away portions at the bottom for access to the Lightning port, headphone jack, and speakers, as well as holes for the volume and mute buttons and the camera.

This case is so thin that it does not have a lip that extends past the screen, nor does the camera hole extend past the lens frame. So, if you are looking for protection from screen and camera lens frame scratches, this case is not for you. But, if ultra thin is what you are looking for, ultra thin is what you will get.

Spigen’s Air Skin Soft Clear case costs $12.99 and is available from Amazon. Please note when purchasing the case that Spigen offers a variety of different cases under the same ordering window. The ultra thin one does not come in different colors. It is called “Air Skin Soft Clear.” The other options are completely different cases (and not nearly as thin as the Air Skin Soft).

The Air Skin Soft is also available for the iPhone 6 Plus for between $14.99 and $17.99. It comes in a variety of different semi-transparent colors, but pay attention to the title. Similar to the iPhone 6 model, there are other types of cases listed under this ordering window.