Popular mail app TL;DR to make the jump to the Apple Watch

TLDR watch app

We recently told you about a fun email app for the iPhone that aims to keep emails short and your inbox as clean as possible. The aptly called TL;DR app, free on the App Store, is an email app with a twist in a market where every other email solution seems to be rather, well, boring. Our very own Sébastien was rather taken by it, and that’s no mean feat!

So when we heard from the app’s makers that they were going to have an Apple Watch app ready on day one, our interest was peeked.


The TL;DR app’s Apple Watch incarnation keeps with the trend set by its bigger brother by not wanting to weigh you down with too much reading. The whole experience revolves around dynamic notifications which offer an estimates reading time as well as the option to reply, read later, or open the email itself on your iPhone. Being able to see how long an email is going to take to read is a great tool when you need to triage messages, and then being able to open the longer ones on your iPhone with the tap of your wrist is a real time saver. It’ll save your eyes from squinting at your watch too much, too!

Attachments are taken care of too, with TL;DR able to let you browse photo attachments right on your watch which is great when you get those emails of your kids while you’re at work, or the cat when it’s falling asleep in an impossible position. Come on, we’ve all seen it happen!

If we’re absolutely honest, we don’t think a smartwatch is the best place to read email, but as a triage tool it definitely works and TL;DR hopes to make the best of that fact. Apple includes its own Mail app as standard, but TL;DR is one alternative that we might just have to give a whirl come Apple Watch day on April 24th.

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