TL;DR wants to keep your emails short, and your inbox shorter

TLDR Email

TL;DR Email is a new app that aims to keep your emails short and your inbox shorter at the same time. By default, the app will display only the first 30 words of incoming emails in a card-lie format, giving you enough of an overview to figure out what you want to do with the message. Swipe right to archive, swipe left to postpone it to later, or you can of course see the full message, reply to it, or even put it in a folder if needed.

This Tinder-like archiving gesture is pretty handy for going through emails rapidly, but of course, it’s not so practical to read long emails that might require more attention, which is not really the point of TL;DR anyway.

On top of its gesture-based functions, TL;DR also offers features you would expect from any email app. You can move messages, reply to them, and of course create new emails. Speaking of which, TL;DR doesn’t only want to keep your inbox short, it also wants to make sure your outgoing emails are short too. To do that, the app will have you enter a maximum of 30 words in the body of your emails, with additional room for more details available if needed at the bottom, but the focus definitely is on making sure you keep your message short and straight to the point, saving reading time to your recipient.

So far, the app only works with Gmail, and while it’s not going to replace your full-featured email app, it can definitely help weeding out those emails that might be clogging your inbox.

TL;DR Email is free in the App Store. If you’re looking for a different way to power through your emails, then it might be worth giving it a shot.

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