Words U makes you smarter while you text

Words U 1

You might call me a word nerd. One of my favorite things to do while writing is looking up synonyms. I absolutely hate seeing a sentence with the same noun in it more than once. When it comes to reviewing apps, you’d be surprised how hard it is to come up with a new word for “game.”

Words U is a messaging app that translates your conversation into sentences with alternate words. Instead of “Hi,” you’ll be saying “Salutations” to your friends. You don’t have to worry about your friends thinking you are being pretentious either. The conversations all take place within the app, so everyone is being a smarty-pants.

Words U 2

Users log in and begin chatting with either specific person or random strangers. If you know someone that is using the app, find his or her screen name in the search field. If you don’t know anyone using the app yet, you can set up chat with a stranger to practice your vocabulary skills.

All you have to do is type a sentence. When you hit “send,” the app will replace one or more words with a different one. For example, if you type “Thank you,” The app will translate it to “I am beholden to you.” My favorite vocabulary translation so far is replacing “ha ha” with “(guffawing).”

Words U 3

If you want to see the original sentence, you can press the light bulb in the upper right corner of the screen. This works for both your sentences and your friend’s.

The app is more than just a messaging service with a vocabulary twist. Users earn points for seeing and reusing words. The more often you use the app and learn new words, the higher your level.

You can unlock the writing enhancement tool at level five. This tool allows you to simply type a sentence. It doesn’t have to be within a conversation. The app will translate the sentence with new vocabulary words. You can then copy and paste the text directly into Facebook, Twitter, or Messages.

Words U is available for free. Download it in the App Store today.

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