Sling TV’s latest update lets jailbreakers in on the fun

Sling TV on Jailbroken iPhone

I can’t say for sure whether or not it was intentional, but ever since Dish’s Sling TV launched, I haven’t been able to view video on my iPhone 6 Plus. That’s because my iPhone 6 Plus was and still is jailbroken, and it appears that the app won’t play video on jailbroken devices. Other jailbroken users have reported the same problem in the comments of our Sling TV review, and I’ve seen other complaints elsewhere online. In other words, this definitely wasn’t just a problem with my device.

Yesterday, Sling TV pushed an update that appears to have fixed the issue. Nothing has changed on my iPhone 6 Plus, but I can now watch Sling TV video from my jailbroken device. Coincidence?

Sling TV Change Log

The change log for the 4.0.3 update simply states the following:

Resolved issues preventing some users from seeing video within the app.

Some users, huh? You mean jailbroken users, Dish?

Again, I’m not sure if it was intentionally done, or if it was an honest mistake and they didn’t mean to lock anyone out. What I do know is that flags exists within the app’s code to identify jailbroken devices.

Regardless of the reason, I’m happy that I’m finally able to enjoy Sling TV on my iPhone 6 Plus without any sort of workarounds. I was pretty bummed out when I found out it didn’t work, and it gave me serious doubts about hanging on to the service. Now the decision to cancel just got a lot more difficult.

You can download Sling TV free of charge from the App Store with a 7-day trial. Did the Sling TV upgrade make it so that you can now watch TV on your jailbroken device? Drop us a line down below with your findings.