ETA Watch app will put travel times and driving directions on your wrist

ETA for Apple Watch image 003

Coming as a free upgrade for all existing owners of the $0.99 ETA app for the iPhone and iPad, Melbourne based developer Eastwood shared last week a preview of what ETA’s Watch counterpart will look like.

For those unfamiliar with ETA, it’s a GPS-based personal driving assistant which calculates travel times and driving directions to all your favorite destinations.

The ETA app for the Apple Watch will provide the same basic functionality as the iOS edition, only optimized for the smaller screen, allowing Watch owners to get travel times and driving directions just by raising their wrist.

Honoring Apple’s guidelines for third-party Watch development, the app will display available locations in a scrollable list, presenting you with a quick overview of the travel time or estimated time of arrival for each.

In the list view, users will be able to tap on a location to get a detailed view. Furthermore, turn-by-turn directions from the Apple Watch Maps app are integrated, too.

ETA for Apple Watch will be included in a future update of ETA that will be available when Apple’s wearable hits stores in April. As mentioned before, the Watch app will be provided as a free upgrade for existing owners of the ETA for iOS app.

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Source: Eastwood