Gorgeous galaxy wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

Galaxy splash

Last week, we featured a set of simple geometric wallpapers and it became one of the most popular Wallpapers of the Week posts, ever! Thank you! Not coincidentally, the preamble to the post described geometric images as a top selection over the past year.

To tempt fate, allow us to try a repeat performance from a short seven days ago. From our research, there is one other wallpaper genre that outperforms all other genres on our wallpaper section: galaxies. Galaxies are a continually popular image set and we preset another curated list just past the fold. Make sure to share the post with your friends, as we work to make this week’s post the most popular in reader history!

Galaxy wallpapers


Dark Space Sky: iPad; iPhone

Night Tremors

Night Sky Aurora: iPad; iPhone


Space Art: iPad; iPhone


Red Bang: iPad; iPhone


Blue Galaxy: iPad; iPhone

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Staged images by placeit.net