Dropbox for iOS gets a new action extension

Dropbox 3.7

If you’ve been longing to save files from your favorite apps directly to Dropbox without leaving said app, then I have some good news for you. Dropbox was just updated to bring DropBox action extension capability to iOS 8. This means that you can now effortlessly save files directly to Dropbox from many of your favorite apps. It doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles, but it’s a great first step for Dropbox.

After installing the update, venture into one of your favorite apps, and tap the Share button. Once you do, you’ll need to enable the Dropbox action extension via the More button. The action extension is enabled using a simple switch, and you can use the drag handle under the Activities page to move Dropbox closer to the beginning of menu for easier access.

Save to Dropbox

Once Dropbox is available in the Share menu, simply tap the Save to Dropbox button and you’ll be brought to the Save to Dropbox interface. There, you can rename the file that you’re saving, and choose a save location.

Save to Dropbox page

Dropbox defaults to the last save location you used or the root directly of your Dropbox folder. You can use the Choose a Different Folder option to navigate your Dropbox file structure in order to choose an appropriate save location.

Once you’re satisfied with the location, tap Save in the upper right-hand corner to begin the upload process. The upload dialogue presents a loading bar along with a Cancel button in case you get cold feet. It’s nothing too fancy, but it provides a good indication as to how long you should expect to wait for your file to complete its journey.

Dropbox Action Extension Upload

I tested out Dropbox saving using the Photos app and it worked seamlessly and as expected. I also tried it with the Notes app, and several other apps that featured sharing capabilities. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles to be found with Dropbox’s new extension, but it seems to be a solid new way to get a file directly into Dropbox without leaving your current app.

One negative thing about the Dropbox extension is that it only allows you to upload one file at a time—at least in the case of Photos. If you have a lot of images to upload, it would be much faster to simply open the Dropbox app and upload them from there. But for one off file transfer needs, the Dropbox extension is a solid new feature.

What do you think? You can download Dropbox for free on the App Store.