Apple Pay bringing new customers to Staples’ iOS app


Apple Pay isn’t widely popular in Staples’ stores, however the retail chain has noticed great success with Apple Pay integration on its iOS app, with it even bringing in new customers.

“Right now it’s the number one payment method for us in our iOS apps,” said Prat Vemana, VP of mobile commerce for Staples, speaking during a panel discussion in Seattle on Tuesday. Vemana said that 30 percent of purchases made in the Staples’ iOS app use Apple Pay, reports FierceWireless.

Vemana revealed that in the early days of the launch, 65 percent of transactions using Apple Pay in the Staples app were by first time Staples customers. He went on to say it’s been “one of the most successful implementations when it comes to payments.”

Staples was one of the first retailers to partner with Apple for Apple Pay integration, announcing it before Apple Pay was even available to customers.

Furthermore, a “healthy” number of people have used it in stores but Apple Pay isn’t among the top three payment types in stores, Vemana said. “On mobile it overtook everything else so I think it will be a slower adoption in stores,” he said. Specific figures weren’t shared.

Apple Pay is one of the first mobile payment services to generate this type of buzz. Yes, PayPal and Google Wallet were on the scene first, however Apple Pay is getting retailers (and the government) talking, and early numbers show customers are even starting to use it, as well.

Staples’ iOS app is available on the App Store for free.

Source: FierceWireless