Nike+ FuelBand app integrated with Apple’s Health, now uses your iPhone to track movement

NikePlus Fuel 2.4 for iOS iPhone screenshot 001

It only took, what, five months, but Nike’s FuelBand application for the iPhone was finally refreshed Friday, adding much-needed integration with Apple’s HealthKit platform. As a result, a dedicated FuelBand accessory is no longer required to track your activity or earn Fuel points, your iPhone now does this.

To reflect this change in direction, the app has been rebranded and is now being marketed as just Nike+ Fuel.

In addition to getting more insight into your activity in iOS 8’s Health app, HealthKit integration makes your Fuel points visible in and accessible by other apps.

NikeFuel, “a metric that helps you get active and stay motivated,” now measures your movement in a day via the iPhone 5s, which first debuted power-friendly movement tracking with its M7 motion coprocessor, or newer.

After enabling sharing with Apple’s Health app inside Nike+ Fuel, your Fuel points will get logged in your Health database and be accessible to other apps.

NikePlus Fuel 2.4 for iOS iPhone screenshot 003

And if you connect Nike+ Fuel to other Nike apps like Nike+ Running and Nike+ Training Club or third-party ones such as IFTTT, Withings and more, you’ll earn Fuel points from those activities as well and have them ready inside Apple’s Health.

Another new feature, Sports Feed, lets you get cheers from friends and share your achievements on Nike+, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

NikePlus Fuel 2.4 for iOS iPhone screenshot 002

Lastly, you can add more friends through the streamlined friend search and cheer them on to achieve their goals. For those wondering, Apple’s HealthKit from the onset supported Nike+ Fuel as a fitness metric inside the Health app.

The 42.6-megabyte download requires an iPhone with iOS 7.1 or later.

Download Nike+ Fuel for free in the App Store.