Pay Once & Play: Apple highlights great games with no in-app purchases

Pay Once Play

Apple has begun highlighting non-freemium games in a new App Store section entitled “Pay Once & Play.” The company describes the new section as an area where users can download “great games with no in-app purchases.”

As noted by MacStories, the section is divided into 3 categories: Recent Releases, Blockbuster Games and App Store Originals, and it features a wide variety of games including Minecraft, Thomas Was Alone and Threes!.

Here are a few more games listed in Pay Once & Play:

The move should appease many iOS gamers and developers who have criticized the ongoing trend of “freemium” titles. These are games that are free to download, but are littered with, and often crippled by, in-app purchases.

The promo first popped up in the UK after its weekly App Store refresh, and it will likely spread to the US and other countries later this afternoon. It’s unknown if the section is a temporary thing, or will become a permanent fixture.

Source: MacStories