Radiation Island is like Lost mixed with Minecraft and The Walking Dead

Radiation Island3

One of iDB’s readers recently recommended we check out Radiation Island. I noticed in the App Store the day it launched, but had so much going on that I skipped it over without looking into what it was (that happens sometimes).

I am so glad our readers are on top of new releases because that recommendation led me to check the game out and I am hooked. Read my hands-on game review of Radiation Island below.


You are on an island. You must survive. You can gather food and materials, craft tools and other useful survival items, and kill other creatures on the island (some for food, others so they don’t kill you first).

In addition to dealing with the daily tribulations of survival, players investigate the enormous landscape, looking for information about the island itself and why there are giant Tesla coils creating an electronic arc across the island (and why you seem to be experiencing some sort of radiation poisoning).


The explorable landscape is huge. I’ve barely been around one small part of the beach and some of the inner island and I can tell that it is massive. There are abandoned factories, former villages, and all manner of nooks and crannies to investigate.

The graphics are average, with mid to late 1990s level of detail. Yes, there are occasional glitches, leading to such visuals as a wolf stuck in the floor. But, that happens all of the time in really, really big games like these.

The subtle soundtrack that plays in the background adds to the intensity. Sometimes, the music seems light and relaxing. Other times, it is foreboding. Oftentimes, the music sets the mood for what lies ahead. If you are being tracked by an animal (or something worse), the music will change accordingly.

Radiation Island2


The game, overall, reminds me of Minecraft. You don’t build anything like houses or castles. However, you do craft a lot of stuff. You’ll need an axe to chop wood and a pickaxe to mine for rocks and ore. Those materials are used to create stronger tools, which are used to find better materials. Crafting takes up a huge portion of the first part of the game.

It also reminds me of the television show Lost. As you explore, you will find journal entries that uncover clues about the mysterious island you are on. One note references magnetic fields. Another mentions top-secret military bases.

And, of course, there is the survival aspect. Sure, you must find and eat food so you don’t starve to death. You must also avoid or kill wildlife, like wolves and crocodiles, before they kill you first. You must also don radiation suits so you don’t end up sick from the island’s energy field. Oh, and if you don’t have warm close, you might freeze to death at night.

Then there are the zombies. I still haven’t come across the undead yet, but I know it is coming and I want to make sure I am fully prepared before I get to them (which is why all of that crafting is such a good idea).

Radiation Island1

The Good

I can’t even begin to express how much fun I am having with this game. The first time I played it, I lost track of the time and nearly drained all of my battery power without even looking up from my screen.

It is MFi controller compatible. Yay!

The Bad

This game seriously drains your battery. I highly recommend you plug your device into a power source if you want to play for a long time (which you will).


Radiation Island costs $2.99. I fully expected to read something about it being 60 percent off during launch or something. At $2.99, this is the best deal you can get. The game promises hundred of hours of explorative gameplay. I don’t doubt that the devs will provide many future updates to add new items and modes.


If you like Minecraft or any other survivalist crafting type of game, you are going to flip for this one. It is engaging, complex, scary, intriguing, and exciting. At only three dollars, it is an incredible deal. I highly recommend this game. It is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Download it in the App Store today.

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As mentioned above, this game is similar to Minecraft due to its crafting aspect. It also reminds me of Dead Island a little bit.