Mission: Pic is an iPhone app that turns mobile photography into a game

Mission Pic

If your mobile photography is running out of inspiration, you might want to take a look at Mission: Pic, a half game, half social network iPhone app that adds a layer of fun to your iPhone photography, while fueling your creativity in the process.

Every day, a new “mission” or assignment is revealed inside the app. The goal is to take a photo with your iPhone based on that assignment and share it with your community of friends, then people vote on the best shots in a Tinder-like fashion, and the results are showed on a leaderboard.

For example, today’s mission is “Starts with L.” The goal is to take a photo of something that starts with the letter L. As you can see above, the current leader  has 14 upvotes for his lighthouse photo.

The app design is ok to my taste although it could get some polishing. For a start, it hasn’t been updated for the larger screens of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, making it a little hard on the eyes at times. But the concept is great. If anything, you might not use Mission: Pic so much for the social aspect of it but rather for getting inspiration in your mobile photography.

Mission: Pic is free in the App Store. If you want to compete in a friendly way with other mobile photographers, or if you need to bosst your iPhoneography creativity, then give it a try.

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