Apple could hold a special event late February [updated]

Apple Watch (Messages, Emoji)

Apple could be holding a special event at the end of February, reports French Apple blog iGen. According to sources, Tuesday, February 24th could be the specific date Apple has chosen for this event, which would likely focus on an official Apple Watch launch, and possibly the the long-rumored 12-inch MacBook Air.

With Tim Cook recently mentioning Apple Watch will be shipping in April, the rumored schedule does make lots of sense, especially when taking into account that the company has been asking high-profile developers to get their Apple Watch apps ready for mid-February. This would allow Apple to test some of these apps and handpick a few for demo on stage at the event.

The 12-inch MacBook Air could also be part of the event, maybe as a “one more thing” of sort. The MacBook Air likely won’t be a revolutionary device per se, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see Apple make a side note of it, as it often does during such events.

iGen notes that two big events are scheduled around this date too. Mobile World Congress will be held in Spain March 2-5, and Samsung will have its own special event on March 1st. Although Apple is used to ruining other tech events with timely announcements, it appears that this rumored schedule wouldn’t allow the company to do just that this time around.

iGen is a very reputable publication with an excellent track record, and although they do note this information comes from a second-hand source, they did feel confident enough to publish it, putting some weight on this rumored February 24 date.

Update: Mark Gurman refutes this rumor, claiming no event will be held in February.

Source: iGen