18 new jailbreak tweaks recently released

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The trend that started about 3 weeks ago is getting more obvious as we enter yet another week with a slower output of tweak releases. I’m not necessarily complaining. I’m merely highlighting a trend that we all hope won’t be confirmed in the following weeks.

Today, we put 18 new jailbreak tweaks front and center, hoping there will be at least one that pique your interest.

AcamarUI: an Apple Watch-inspired Springboard replacement ($1.99)

AFVideo: enables autofocus while recording videos on supported devices (free – review)

Anchor: place your app icons wherever you want them on the screen ($1.99 – review)

AppButton: an App Switcher wherever you want it ($1.49 – review)

AppNoti: notifies you when an app has been installed (free)

Canopy for iOS 8: adds many features to Safari ($1.99 – old review)

CCScale: change the size of Control Center elements (free)

Confero for iPad: tidy up the Home screen by hiding app badges ($1.50 – review)

CSources: a source manager ($1.99)

DimMe: different options to dim the screen ($1)

Harbor: a redesigned dock for iOS inspired by OS X ($2.99)

Pushability: makes Reachability move the display up, not down (free)

SBRotator for iOS 8: brings SpringBoard and Lock screen rotation to all iOS 8 devices ($2.99 – review)

SimpleNC: a clean Notification Center redesign (free)

Snap Master: adds a few features to Snapchat (free)

SpotBingSearch: search Bing and YouTube from Spotlight (free)

Tap2LockAndRespring: quick gestures to lock and respring (free)

WhatsApp Disable Play Receipt: disables the blue mic icon after listening to an audio message (free)

I might have missed a few, so please feel free to share your new tweaks as well as those that were recently updated in the comments section.

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