SoundCloud for iPad finally gets its facelift, but drops the audio recording feature

SoundCloiud 371 for ios iPad screenshot 001

SoundCloud, an online audio distribution platform hailing from Berlin, Germany, has finally refreshed its user interface on iPads, following a major revamp on the iPhone and iPod touch side last summer.

And just like the iPhone revamp, the more visual iPad experience with an emphasis on album art in the new SoundCloud 3.7.1 comes with a major disappointment as the audio recording feature has now been killed.

Although you can no longer use SoundCloud for iOS to upload your sounds and music to the Sound Cloud service, the web interface or dedicated apps such as Retronyms’ free AudioCopy will get the job done.

If you have any locally stored sounds in the Sound Cloud app, you’re advised to upload them to the service before losing this functionality due to the update.

Like its counterpart, SoundCloud for iPad lets you create playlists, consolidate your likes and playlists in one location, access a user’s profile from a track or playlist by clicking on their name, discover and hear fresh new indie music and sounds, share your favorite audio with friends and followers, log in to build your Collection and more.

This edition of SoundCloud also improves performance and gives you a smoother scrolling experience on the iPhone and iPod touch.

The 17.2-megabyte universal app requires iOS 7.0 or later.

SoundCloud is a free download from the App Store.