Your spare iOS device can be turned into a home security camera with Manything

Manything 1

Most of us have at least one extra iOS device lying around somewhere that doesn’t get used as much as the others. Instead of letting it sit around, slowly losing battery life, why not set it up to be a home security monitor?

Manything is a free app that you can download onto two iOS devices. One device acts as the camera to record everything, while the other acts as the remote viewer so you can check in to see what your cat is up to while you are away.

The app has two different features. One is a motion-detected live stream recording devices and the other is a viewing window. Set up your iPad, old iPhone, or iPod touch in your living room and tap the record button. Then, head to the office and check in whenever you like.

Manything 3

The app stores your recorded videos directly in the cloud so it doesn’t take up oodles of space on your device. You can either record full videos or switch to still pictures taken at specific intervals.

You can register as many iOS devices as you like. So, if you have enough unused iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices lying around, you could outfit your entire house with a free security system. Once connected, the app allows you to select which device you’d like to see the stream for.

Manything 2

You can set up the app to receive alerts in Notification Center whenever the motion detector triggers your device. That way, you won’t have to spend all day watching the dust settle on your couch on the off chance that something is going to happen. Set the threshold of motion sensitivity so it doesn’t send false alarms whenever the curtains blow from the fan.

The app also allows you to clip out specific areas that you don’t want to trigger an alert. For example, you can mask out your cat’s litter box so that you won’t receive an alert every time he goes to the bathroom.

You don’t have to use a second iOS device in order to check in with your live stream. You can log in to to access your recordings via a supported web browser. You can even create clips, make time-lapse videos, and share your footage with others.

Manything is available on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch for free. Download it in the App Store today.