Book accommodations in just two taps with’s redesigned, rebranded app

Booking Now 10.0 for ios iphone screenshot 001, a Priceline-owned hotel reservation service which Planet Earth named its #1 Accommodation Site, has had a pair of nice apps in the App Store for quite some time now.

The first, Hotel Reservations Worldwide & Hotel Deals, lets you browse over 550,000 properties and find your ideal accommodation.

The other, Tonight, has just been rebranded as Booking Now. Featuring a fresh new coat of paint giving it a modern appearance, the app also introduces new features such as personalized search results, quicker bookings of accommodations within 48 hours and more.

Personalized search recommendations draw from the data you provide yourself, by telling the app what you like in any given accommodation. And the more you use it, the smarter it gets.

The revamped, single-page user interface makes it easy to book the right room in just two taps, an improvement over their somewhat clunky Hotel Reservations Worldwide & Hotel Deals app.

Check out the promo video below.

Tapping GPS to determine your position, Booking Now will serve nearby properties that can be reached within minutes and even serve up built-in street level directions to your room of choice — a first for hotel booking apps.

The app integrates with Apple’s Passbook feature for quick and simple check-in and supports offline access to your confirmation, avoiding extra data fees.

All told, the software includes a huge selection of hotels, apartments, hostels and houseboats all over the globe, with more than 41 million verified reviews, 24/7 customer service and other goodies found on the website.

Download Booking Now free in the App Store.