Apple brings iAd platform to Latin America emerging markets


Apple is continuing its iAd international push by beginning to sell the advertising service to businesses in Brazil and Mexico, with eventual plans for Venezuela, Colombia, and Argentina, to help the struggling service better reach consumers.

Latin America is a key emerging market for Apple growth, and as such the company has selected MS Internet Media Services (IMS), a “leading” digital marketing and communications company that partners with businesses seeking to expand into and within Latin America, to handle sales in the Latin American market.

IMS announced in a press release it’s building a dedicated sales teams in Brazil and Mexico that will educate advertisers on how best to connect with consumers through iAd. The sales team will also introduce Apple’s suite of advertising products to the Latin American market, including iAd Workbench, Apple’s campaign planning and management tool, as well as iAd Producer.

By running an advertising campaign through iAd, advertisers have the ability to not only reach consumers through iOS apps, but iTunes Radio in the US.

Apple updated its iAd website internationally on Tuesday to allow non-US credit cards pay for a campaign, obviously needed for US growth.

“We are thrilled to help brands with a Latin American presence navigate Apple’s comprehensive advertising platform,” said Gastón Taratuta, CEO and Founder of IMS. “iAd’s rich, engaging user experience provides an unparalleled opportunity to reach and serve customers through finely-tuned targeted messages in each country. With this partnership, advertisers will not only be able to access the fast growing digital and mobile markets in Brazil and Mexico, but also target Apple consumers in these regions for the first time.”

Apple showed a commitment to reinvigorating its struggling iAd platform in October, when it announced the platform would now operate in 95 countries worldwide. It also partnered with Rubicon Project, a company that focuses on automating the buying and selling of advertising, to help the Cupertino-based company move its iAd inventory.

Source: Press Release