Smart driving assistant Automatic now connects your car and home with Nest

Automatic smart driving assistant Nest integration

First preview at CES 2015 a week ago, Automatic, makers of the popular connected car adapter, today officially announced a new feature to connect your car and home with Nest, the smart thermostat from Google.

The integration enables communication between your car and home through intelligently chosen rules that give the Nest thermostat a more timely understanding of when heating or cooling is needed and more importantly, when it’s not.

Part of the “Works with Nest” initiative built around the car via Automatic’s APIs, the integration allows you to create rules for your tiny white dongle (which connects your car’s onboard computer to your smartphone) that can automatically adjust the Nest Learning Thermostat based on vehicle activity.

Custom rules can then do things like wake the Nest thermostat up to Home mode, set it to Away mode to save energy on heating and cooling and even track your car’s progress towards home, so you can start warming up or cooling down your home before you arrive. And when you do arrive home, the Nest automatically switches to its default state and sets your preferred temperature.

In setting custom rules, users can take advantage of filters for location, time of day, and days of week. This allows for the creation of rules that, for instance, could kick in only when the car turns on weekdays between 4-7pm near your office, said Automatic.

The “Works with Nest” integration marks the first time this feature is accessible to owners of “nearly all car makes” manufactured in the United States since 1996, said the company.

Compatibility can be checked at

Automatic also integrates with IFTTT, Jawbone, FordSync and SpotAngels. The latter is especially interesting: through your Automatic-enabled vehicle’s integration with the Parking Angels app, the dongle can mark your parking spot and receive notifications when it’s time to move the car for, say, street cleaning.

Source: Automatic