Photos: Apple planning second cylindrical glass Apple Store in China


Amid a global retail expansion that’s been spanning recent years, Apple is duplicating the iconic design of the cylinder glass architecture of its Shanghai store to a new store in Chongqing, China. IFO Apple Store reports the Cupertino-based company dismantled the huge steel structure that has been covering the entrance for nearly the past year on Wednesday, revealing a 30-foot tall glass structure that will lead to the underground store like in Shanghai.

The Chongqing store will be on a smaller scale than the 40-foot high glass structure in Shanghai. Photos posted by the IFO Apple Store blog on Wednesday revealed early glimpses of what the structure will look like.


Based on construction plans, it looks likely the second glass Apple Store in the region will be opening by mid-year. The Chongqing store is at the entrance of Guotai Plaza and surrounded by larger, taller buildings. Furthermore, Apple is planning a third store in the MixC shopping center for an opening sometime this year.

China has been a key area for Apple’s growth. According to Kantar research released on Wednesday, Apple sales saw an increase of 1.1 percentage points for the three months ending November 2014, which brought Apple’s share of the smartphone market in urban China to 18.1%. China Mobile remained Apple’s main channel with sales through the largest Chinese carrier accounting for 63% of Apple’s overall sales.

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