After T-Mobile, AT&T to roll over your unused data to the next month, but with a twist

AT&T Chicago store (interior 001)

Wednesday, AT&T promised to give folks on its shared plans rollover data. Beginning January 25, the more than 50 million of its Mobile Share Value customers will be able to carry over any unused cellular data allotment to the next month.

Any unused, shareable plan data in a given month gets rolled over to the next, as long as family members are on the same Mobile Share Value plan.

T-Mobile back in December launched a similar data rollover feature called Data Stash.

Your unused data carried over from the previous month is available to be used within the next month. The way it works, customers will use their plan allotment first before their Rollover Data kicks in.

While the announcement gives customers greater flexibility in data usage, especially in terms of avoiding overage fees, any unused rollover data does not carry over, cautioned the firm.

In other words, you can roll over unused data for only one month and that’s notably different from T-Mobile’s rollover data which expires after twelve months.

Additionally, not only does unused rollover data expire after one billing period, but also with any plan change or when a group or account is terminated.

”Unused Additional data resulting from data overage is not included,” clarifies the fine print. Mobile Share and Mobile Share Data-only plans are excluded from this promotion.

The carrier provides the following example:

If you have four lines and have a 15GB AT&T Mobile Share Value Plan and only use 10GB in a given month, you’ll roll over 5GB and have a total of 20GB available to use within the next month. If you were to only use 10GB in the second month, you’ll again roll over 5GB and have a total of 20GB available the next month.

Customers can check out their rollover data at any time through the myAT&T app or at the carrier’s website. Available rollover
data will start appearing on customers’ statement beginning January 25, 2015.

The feature will roll out to all Mobile Share Value plan customers automatically and at no additional charge to people who are on one of AT&T’s Mobile Share Value plans.

Plan details are available at