Apple’s ‘Start Something New’ campaign extends to Apple Store walls


Apple has extended its “Start Something New” campaign, to highlight art and photography created on the iPhone and iPad, past the web and into its retail stores.

Twitter user Storeteller noted on Friday that the Regent Street Apple Store in London began displaying the art Apple began showing on the “Start Something New” webpage earlier this week.

Apple is showing the art on its walls above its products. Apple explained on its website that all of the art was created solely on iOS devices with apps available on the App Store.

“Every piece in this gallery was created on an Apple product,” the company wrote. “Every brushstroke, every pixel, and every frame of film was brought to life by talented Apple users from around the world. As you explore their work, we hope it inspires you to create something new.”

IFO Apple Store notes this is the first time a specific promotional campaign has spanned both the Apple’s website and its retail stores.

Apple not only highlights its own products like the iPhone 6 Plus’ camera and its panorama mode on its website, but also makes customers aware of apps like VSCO Cam. Available on the App Store, VSCO Cam touts itself as the “premier way to shoot, edit, and share your photographs”, and many of its users and Apple’s marketing team have agreed.

The iPad Air 2’s drawing capabilities are highlighted with “Artwork by Nomoco”, drawn on the Brushes app to portray her art “exactly as she had imagined it”. Marcelo Gomes and Jingyao Guo are among the other artists portrayed that use photography and sketching apps like Camera’s HDR and Mac’s iDraw to create art.

Unlike the web, Apple doesn’t highlight which apps the photos and art were created with on its walls.

It’s not clear if the art will surface in other Apple Stores around the world.


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