bit Dungeon II is a classic roguelike inspired by Zelda

bit Dungeon II 3

No one ever said that crawling through dungeons was easy. But the payoff makes it worth the effort. In roguelike games, permadeath is what makes the work so hard. What’s the point of looting all of those treasure chests if you’re just going to lose them when you die anyway?

Adventure, that’s the point. bit Dungeon II has it in spades. Head out into the ethereal world where spirits and demons collide in epic and dangerous battles. Explore dark dungeons and fight major bosses in this traditional roguelike game.

Players start off in a ghostly world as a spirit that has just lost his “soul mate.” In her passing, she tells him to bring her soul to her grave. When you accept her soul, you will gain one extra life. So, you have an additional chance to avoid the loot-losing permadeath. However, if you die, you must go back to the place you lost the soul in order to retrieve it. If you die a second time without getting your soul back, you will lose it all.

bit Dungeon II 1

Enter the first dungeon on the left to choose your weapon. Then head out into the forest to kill some ghosts and gain some experience. Along the way, you’ll come across better weapons and a bit of armor. Each item you add will increase your stats. You’ll get stronger, faster, and be able to win fights easier.

There are different areas to explore, like the “Lost Desert,” “Grief Forest,” and the “Endless War.” Each one looks different and features different types of monsters.

Enter a dungeon to really get the ball rolling. Dungeons are randomly generated, so you’ll always get something new each time you play. Roam from room to room, killing all the everythings to gain experience points to level up. Loot bodies and bust open crates to find stronger weapons and armor. When you’ve found the necessary keys to enter the big boss’s chamber, you’ll find a real fight. This is where you’ll probably die if you haven’t already.

bit Dungeon II 2

Peppered throughout the forests are campfires. If you find one, be sure to stand near it to replenish your health and mana. If you run out of health, you’ll never make it to the boss alive.

bit Dungeon II is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for $2.99. Download it in the App Store today.

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