Apple seeds Safari 8.0.3 beta for OS X Yosemite to developers

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Apple seeded Safari 8.0.3 for Yosemite to developers on Wednesday, along with Safari 7.1.3 beta for Mavericks and Safari 6.2.3 for Mountain Lion. The new version of Safari joins the new OS X 10.10.2 beta that was released to developers last Friday.

Like all betas, developers can grab the new version of Safari on the Mac section of the Apple Developer Center.

Apple doesn’t share any new features for the new Safari betas, but asks developers to focus on the following areas: general website compatibility, extension compatibility, password autofill, HTML5 video playback on popular video sites, using the Web Inspector to debug websites, Reading List read/unread state, editing bookmarks in the Favorites Bar and Bookmarks Sidebar, and website notifications.