Facebook will begin auto-enhancing photos for iPhone users


Even with its Instagram product, Facebook is still one of the premier places to share memories with family and friends. That’s why Facebook says it will start auto-enhancing your photos for you on iOS. I guess Facebook thinks you’re a sucky photographer.

The social network told TechCrunch on Tuesday you’ll still have complete control of your photos, but a slider will now appear on your photos as you post them that will show how enhanced you want the light, shadow, and clarity. You can even revert back to your original shot.

This is actually a really good idea, as previously editing on Facebook for iOS consisted of being shown the unedited image, and then having to navigate to the editing screen to make changes. Filters have become a huge deal for social networks.

The announcement from Facebook comes after Instagram introduced five new filters, the ability to upload Slo-Mo video content as well as real-time comments, photo perspective adjustments, a customizable filter tray with live previews and more.

We’re not seeing the Facebook app update yet, but it should be rolling out soon.