My Phrases Keyboard lets you send canned replies in a tap

My Phrase Keyboard 3

You may think you are fast at texting, but what if you could type an entire message with just one tap? Imagine how fast you could respond to those questions of where to go for dinner or what time the party starts. You wouldn’t even miss a beat in that heartfelt conversation you are having with your friend.

My Phrase Keyboard is a third-party keyboard app for iOS 8 that makes it possible for you to send canned replies with one tap instead of trying to write a message while your buddy is pouring his heart out to you. You won’t have to pretend to go to the bathroom in order to respond to a text anymore.

The app starts you off with about 30 different phrases to choose from. Most are simply one-sentence responses, like “Be right there” or “I’m running late.” However, there are a few premade templates that include generic information you can personalize. For example, you can change the premade address to your own, or change a URL link.

My Phrase Keyboard 2

You can also delete or rearrange the phrases to suit your needs. If you don’t think you’ll ever use the phrase “LOLZ,” you can remove it from your list by tapping it. When the editing function appears, tap Delete from the top of the screen.

To rearrange phrases, touch and hold one until they all begin to wiggle. Then drag phrases to their new location.

You can completely customize the phrases that you send. If you have a secret message that you always send to your sweetheart in the middle of the day, you can add that phrase, complete with personal details. You can even add emojis. Tap “Add a Phrase” and write anything you want.

Add as many custom phrases as you like and organize them by the order you think you’ll use them the most. Be sure to allow full access or the custom phases won’t be available in the default keyboard.

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With this app, you’ll be able to spend more time conversing with people right in front of you instead of having to hide in the corner while you type out a message to your sweetheart that you’ll be home late.

My Phrases Keyboard is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for free. Download it in the App Store today.

What do you think of this one-tap-text app? Let us know in the comments below.

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