Bose products return to Online Apple Store in time for holiday shopping

Bose (speaker 001)

As hinted earlier this week, Bose products have in fact returned to the Online Apple Store following their removal last month. According to some watchers, the iPhone maker pulled Beats products following an alleged patent infringement on Beats’ part.

Some but not all Bose audio products can now be purchased through Apple’s webstore ahead of the Christmas shopping frenzy, such as the $196 SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker, the $300 SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III and the $300 QuietComfort 20i Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones.

French blog reported earlier this week that Bose products “could make a comeback in Apple Stores” as soon as next week.

Not all Bose products previously offered by Apple have returned on the virtual store shelves. The entire Bose over-the-ear headphone lineup, for example, is notably absent.

In July, Bose filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple-owned Beats alleging that some Beats’ products incorporate its patented noise-canceling technology.

Although the two companies have settled their dispute, a few months later the Bose lineup was pulled from the physical Apple Stores without an explanation, allegedly in a bid to better promote Apple’s own Beats lineup.

That Bose’s over-the-ear headphones are not showing up in stock on Apple’s webstore is interesting in light of Bose’s deal with the NFL which banned players from wearing Beats’ over-the-ear headphones during games.

For the time being, Fitbit products that Apple recently pulled likely because they don’t integrate with iOS 8’s Health app, have yet to return to the Apple Store.