Mozilla planning to develop Firefox for iOS to ‘be where our users are’


Mozilla has long stayed away from bringing its Firefox web browser to iOS, however it’s looking to change its plans to “be where our users are”.

The company’s release manager, Lukas Bakk, took to Twitter on Tuesday announcing the company will develop Firefox for iOS. He didn’t provide word on when it may be released, or if it’s even in development yet, but it’s definitely comforting words for the Firefox fans out there – which includes our own Sebastien Page. 

Mozilla has stayed away from iOS over the years because of Apple’s restriction on which browser engines can run on its mobile software, as TechCrunch points out. Mozilla will likely have to use WebKit if it goes through with its new plans. Presumably it would offer the account and bookmark syncing available on Firefox for Android, giving Safari and Google Chrome a run for their money.

Mozilla hasn’t completely neglected iOS in the past, however. It once offered Firefox Home, that let you have access to your Firefox desktop history, bookmarks and open tabs on your iPhone. The project was ended in 2012.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on more details about Firefox for iOS. Listen to plenty of Firefox discussion on our recent podcast, where Sebastien challenges Jeff to use Firefox on his Mac for an entire week straight.