AT&T is out with Emoji Carols

ATT Emoji Carols

In time for the holidays, carrier AT&T unveiled Emoji Carols and it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Teaming up with its favorite marketing agency, BBDO Atlanta, good ol’ Ma Bell has created the Emoji Carols website which aims to allow anyone to emojify their favorite holiday songs with their own personalized emoji characters.

The nicely done web app invites you to customize your emoji by selecting hair, eyes, nose, skin color and mouth, each available in several pre-made variants that you can select and combine with each other.

Next, you’ll be asked to pick a song from a selection of holiday-themed tunes like Jingle Bells, Deck of Halls, Christmas Tree, Merry Christmas and more. To preview a song, just click its thumbnail.

Then you’ll need to pick your favorite festive background. The web app will then ask you to scroll through the carol’s lyrics to add emojis to words. The last step is providing your email address where the system will send a notification once your Emoji Carol has finished processing.

Here’re a few examples of Emoji Cards.

You can share your cards on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr and browse the video gallery. With Christmas approaching fast, this cool service is bound to have your kids excited and I suspect you might love it just as much.

We at iDownloadBlog love Christmas, catchy tunes and smileys so if you’ve come up with a nice Emoji Carol, share it with us on Twitter.

Wait, we’re not done yet.

The creative brains at AT&T will also select up to ten winners who reply to company tweets on Twitter and use #3DHoliday with their holiday decoration ideas.

The lucky winners will get to see their holiday ideas brought to life “using some of our newest technology, 3D printing.” Here’s bringing the snowman to life using a 3D printer.

Not only will AT&T print your holiday decorations in 3D, they’ll send them your way too so you’ll be entitled to bragging rights over celebrating a geeky Christmas.