Work in progress tweak makes CarPlay work without an external display

CarPlay External

Renowned jailbreak developer Adam Bell is working on an interesting project that makes it possible to use CarPlay without the normal external display requirements. The tweak, which is currently a work in progress, will make it so that users can reap the benefits of the simplified CarPlay interface, without the need of buying an expensive CarPlay enabled head unit.

The possibilities for such a tweak are extremely interesting. For example, you could, in theory, mount an iPad in your car and use it instead of using your stock head unit. The benefits of using an iPad are multifaceted, with one of the main benefit being the better responsiveness of the iPad’s capacitive touchscreen over the resistive touchscreens found in many head units.

Bell has created a video to showcase his work thus far and it looks very promising. Step inside to see the preview, and find more details about this ambitious project.

Bell has also posted a preview image of the CarPlay interface running on the iPhone 6 Plus:

CarPlay iPhone 6 plus

Needless to say, this is an amazing opportunity for people without CarPlay enabled head units to use the CarPlay interface. CarPlay makes it much safer to use iOS while driving, with bigger interface elements, and a more pronounced Siri presence so that your eyes can stay where they belong—on the road.

Although the project is very buggy at the moment, given Bell’s track history, I’d say it’s only a matter of time before this tweak becomes stable and it finds its way to Cydia. That moment can’t come to soon if you ask me. You can follow the progress of Adam’s CarPlay exploits on the official Reddit thread.

What do you think about using CarPlay on a device like an iPad or an iPhone? Does the prospect excite you?