Rdio lowers family subscription plans to $5 for each extra member

Rdio (cheaper Family Plans teaer 001)

In a move designed to match Spotify, which last month launched all-new pricing scheme for family accounts, Rdio on Wednesday announced that up to four family members can be added to a single Rdio account at $5 per month per extra member.

Each additional Rdio listened on a Family Plan can stream more than 30 million songs and enjoy features like radio stations, You FM, playlists on a per-user basis and more.

The new pricing scheme for Rdio’s Family Plans goes in effect across the globe starting today, said the firm.

Check out the new pricing breakdown:

  • Family of 2 = $14.99
  • Family of 3 = $19.99
  • Family of 4 = $24.99
  • Family of 5 = $29.99

Each family member gets to enjoy individual control over music collection so it’s not like they’re forcing you to share favorites and playlists ”that aren’t really your own“.

To sign up for Rdio’s Family Plans, go here.

Do you use Rdio and are you on one of the Family Plans?

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Rdio’s iPhone and iPad client is available at no cost in the App Store.

It’s been recently updated to support new resolutions of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and undergone a thorough makeover back in September.

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