You can now watch Jony Ive’s full Vanity Fair interview online

ive interview

Earlier this month, Apple SVP Jony Ive participated in a brilliant on stage interview at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit in San Francisco. The design chief talked about a wide range of topics, including Apple’s design process and his thoughts on copycats.

As an executive of one of the most secretive companies in the world, Ive rarely speaks so candidly—especially on stage, so as you can imagine, the event went viral. Well now you can see what all of the commotion was about, as the full interview has been posted online.

The clip runs just under 30 minutes long, and is definitely worth watching. Ive has been a busy man in recent months, between launching two redesigned iPhones and the Apple Watch project, so the designer has no problem finding interesting things to talk about.

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Thanks Matt!