Apple updates iWork with Yosemite support, OS X apps get redesigned

new iwork

Continuing with its marathon software rollout, Apple has posted updates for its iWork apps on both iOS and Mac. The suite of productivity software now properly supports the just-released OS X Yosemite, along with its major new features like iCloud Drive and Continuity.

Both versions received various improvements, such as customizable alignments and easier file sharing, but the three Mac apps got a lot more love then their iOS counterparts. Pages, Numbers and Keynote for OS X have been redesigned to better match the new Yosemite.

new pages iwork

Continuity is a significant new feature in Yosemite, which allows you to begin a project in an iWork app on iOS, and continue it on the Mac, and vice versa. iCloud Drive is also a notable addition, as it gives you the ability to store and manage various new document/file types.

Apple’s iWork apps are free to folks who have recently purchased a new Mac or iOS device. Otherwise, they can be found in their respective App stores for either $19.99 (Mac) or $9.99 (iOS) a piece. If you’re interested, we’ve provided links to all iOS and Mac iWork apps below.

For more information on updating your Mac to OS X Yosemite, click here.