10 things you shouldn’t do to your iPhone 6

bent iPhone 6

With every new iPhone comes a new controversy, and this year is no exception as the “bendability” of iPhone 6 has already been put to the test, clearly proving that when force and pressure are applied to the device, it will actually bend.  What most people would qualify as good old common sense doesn’t seem to be the case here, so to avoid any kind of confusion, we’ve come up with a list of things you shouldn’t do to your iPhone 6.

Don’t bend it

Don’t blend it

Don’t hit the screen with a hammer

Don’t shoot it with a rifle

Don’t microwave it


Don’t put it in liquid nitrogen

Don’t put it in water

Don’t burn it

Don’t let it slip off your hands

Don’t drop it from 10,000 feet

Disclaimer: this is not an exhaustive list of things you cannot do to your iPhone. Although iDownloadBlog didn’t conduct scientific testings, we assume that driving over your iPhone, stomping on it, throwing rocks at it, cutting it in half with a chainsaw may render the device inoperable. If in doubt, make sure to ask a sensible person whether there is a risk of damaging your iPhone if put in a certain situation.