iOS 8 apps with custom Sharing and Action sheets


With the introduction of iOS 8 came vast amounts of new functionality, including the ability for users to add custom sharing and actions options to iOS’s share sheet. This enables anything from in-line translation to saving notes to your favorite app from anywhere on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

We’ve worked to bring together a compilation of iOS apps that have been updated by their developers to include support for these new features. As we happen upon them, we’ll be adding more apps to the list below, so check back soon for those. 

Apps that use Sharing Options and Custom Actions:

  • 1Password (free) – arguably the best password manager
  • AnyList (free) – grocery, shopping list and recipe manager
  • Asana (free) – team task and conversation coordinator
  • Day One ($4.99) – journal, notes, and diary app
  • Evernote (free) – popular note-taking app
  • Hootsuite (free) – social media post scheduler and tool
  • Instapaper (free) – save articles for offline reading
  • Keeper (free) – green password manager
  • LastPass (free) – red password manager
  • LinkedIn (free) – social network for businesspeople
  • Looksee (free) – anonymous photo sharing
  • Metapho (free) – manage photo metadata
  • OneNote (free) – Microsoft’s powerful note-taking app
  • OmniFocus 2 ($19.99) – powerful task manager
  • Pinterest (free) – picture-based social network
  • Pocket (free) – save articles for later
  • Prizmo ($9.99) – document scanner
  • Snapchat (free) – photo and video sharing social network
  • Storehouse (free) – visual storytelling
  • Things ($9.99) – to-do productivity app
  • Tumblr (free) – blogging platform
  • View Source ($0.99) – mobile web inspector
  • Vimeo (free) – video sharing app
  • Wunderlist (free) – a powerful to-do app

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Should you find a qualifying app that we haven’t yet cataloged below, shoot us an email at or comment down below with a link to the app!