New report sets low expectations for iWatch battery life

iWatch concept (All, Todd Hamilton 001)

The Information is out with a new scoop this afternoon, offering up some last-minute details on the so-called iWatch. Most of the report corroborates previous chatter, regarding what the device will look like and do, but it does bring a new topic to light: battery life.

According to the site’s Jessica Lessin, people with knowledge of the project have set low expectations for the iWatch’s battery life. These sources say that the uptime on the wearable will be “disappointing,” although Lessin does say that Apple could be sandbagging.

The reporter goes on to reiterate previous claims. She expects the iWatch to feature voice-enabled controls, mobile payment capabilities, and health monitoring. She also believes that although Apple will unveil the device next week, it won’t be shipping until next year.

Battery life has been a major problem for smartwatches thus far—particularly those with color screens. The Pebble, for example, with its e-paper display, can last between 5-7 days, while Motorola’s newly-launched Moto 360 with color display won’t last for 24 hours.

Apple certainly has the ability to surprise here. It’s been rumored that the iWatch could feature an OLED display, which uses far less power than LCD panels, and don’t forget that it recently acquired LuxVue, a company that specializes in low-power micro-LED displays.

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